How to use Database Role in Snowflake, It’s behavior, everything you need to know…!

Rajiv Gupta
2 min readDec 21, 2022
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Today we are going to discuss on use case demo on Database role. How to use database role in Snowflake. At the moment we don’t see implementation for database role in Snowsight UI. Preview feature is currently working at code level only.

If you have not seen my recent blog on Database Role V/S Account Role in Snowflake then I would recommend you t please have a look for better understanding the theory part.

Use-Case 1: Database Role usage and behavior with account role

Use-Case 2: Database Role behavior with Database Cloning

Use-Case 3: Snowflake shared database role

Things to remember:

  1. For more detail on Account Usage Shared Database role see here.
  2. For more detail on Reader Account Usage Shared Database role see here.
  3. For more detail on Organization Usage Shared Database role see here.
  4. For more detail on Tag object Shared Database role see here.
  5. For more detail on CORE Usage Shared Database role see here. CORE schema access to granted to PUBLIC role anyway.
  6. For more detail on Create Database role see here.
  7. For more details on Grant database role see here.
  8. For more details on object level grants to database level grants see here.
  9. Since this is in preview we may expect few change in behavior by the time it reaches as GA.

Hope this demo blog helps you to get insight into the Snowflake Database roles use-case . Feel free to ask a question in the comment section if you have any doubts regarding this. Give a clap if you like the blog. Stay connected to see many more such cool stuff. Thanks for your support.

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